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Creative Collisions is a blog that brings insights to the business side of our creative expressions. Many artists happily work on their craft yet find the business aspects the most challenging. Think of this blog as your business partner, your secret weapon, your kick in the pants to bring you more success and joy in your creative business.

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Susanna Oreskovic is a business advisor and artist. She focuses on helping people and companies craft their communications through imagery and story. This article was originally published on the Creative Collisions MTL Blog. Read more articles like this at http://www.creativecollisionsMTL.wordpress.com.

Founder: Susanna Oreskovic max qlty lg profile1 copyA Croatian born adventurer, always exploring, learning, leading. She effortlessly integrates her expert knowledge in finance and business strategy, with her own creativity, finding a unique approach to launching successful projects. In starting her own photography business she created “Creative Collisions MTL” as a way to find out about the photography industry in Montreal and share that knowledge with other aspiring photographers. Always drawn to writing and photography the blog seemed like a natural project to start. A background as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA), she brings over fifteen years of experience in consulting, and has spent the last five years with a premier artistic circus company. Her unique ability to see beyond the details to a better future, to new opportunities, she continues to share her unique perspective with companies, community groups and individuals to help them see new creative possibilities, to find elusive solutions or simply changing the energy to move forward. Call her an artist, a teacher, a visionary, she is a renaissance woman in the truest sense.




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